Intro to HOP is a 3-month internship program for individuals twenty-five and older and for those with families. The program offers a more flexible schedule for those with families and other commitments. Intro is designed for anyone interested in coming on as staff, as well as individuals desiring to learn more about Cartersville HOP and the prayer movement. As an intern, one gets to experience the prayer room and attend small groups and classes.

Our desire is to give interns a greater knowledge of the prayer movement and the role one can play in it by fulfilling the call of a forerunner and the role of an intercessor. If you are interested in Intro to HOP, email us at


Cultivate is a 3-month internship program for young singles from high school graduates to those under twenty-five. It is a time of consecrating oneself to the Lord, to sit at His feet and to gain a greater knowledge of who He is and the role He plays in our everyday lives. This internship challenges young adults to go deeper with the Lord through small groups, classes, service, prayer room hours and much more.

Cultivate prepares young adults to come on staff, but it is also for those looking for a season in the house of prayer before going into the marketplace–schooling, working, etc. The program is designed to be intensive and therefore the schedule does not provide for one to work while interning.

Our desire is to see a generation prepared for a lifetime of knowing and loving God. If you are interested in participating in Cultivate, email us at